Baptism by fire, expects boss

Slavia play Barcelona at Camp Nou on Tuesday night. “It will be baptism by fire but we are determined to play as we play at home,” Jindřich Trpišovský says.
Will Slavia play their usual offensive and demanding style at Camp Nou?
“We will make everything to present ourselves in the same way as usual but there are always two armies on the pitch and it’s also about what the other army allows you and what can you make them do. It’s still a question how we can deal with quality of our opponent and with the environment here. But we want to stick to the game we are used to. It will be baptism by fire for us on Tuesday and we are determined to do maximum to play as we have played at home. It depends on how we start and if we dare to do the same things as we did at home.”

Barcelona lost last game to Levante, is it a good message?
“Barcelona will try to redeem the loss at Levante. It’s the Champions league game and no big club can afford to lose twice in a row. They will be careful after the defeat and they will try to do their best in front of their home crowd.”

What is the key to the game at Barcelona?
“Quality and courage, those are two most important things. To be brave on the pitch and to play with the same mind we play at home. We must prove our quality in defensive as well as offensive play. When you make system or individual mistakes in such game, the opponent will certainly punish you.”

Barcelona could play without Suárez on Tuesday, is it a good message?
“We will see after the game if it was a good message. According to latest info he should be out for at least three weeks. He is a great player and for us it is positive that Barcelona will miss him in our penalty area. You can easily see that they understand each other very well with Messi and missing Suárez will be a small minus for them. But when he doesn’t play there is Fati or Dembélé and it’s no win in a lottery for us when Barca start them. Suárez not playing means another great player on the pitch.”



Third Consecutive Preseason Win Against Podbrezová

Slavia extended their streak of preseason victories to three by defeating Slovakian team Podbrezová 4-2 in Rohrbach. Against the sixth-place team from last season´s Niké League, they turned the score around in the second half with goals from Wallem, van Buren, Pech, and Botos.

Victory Over Rapid Secured by Fila, Vorlický, and Chaloupek

Slavia´s third opponent in their preparations for the new season was Rapid Vienna. In the first half, Daniel Fila opened the scoring, and in the second half, Lukáš Vorlický scored after a beautiful play, followed by Štěpán Chaloupek at the end of the match. Thanks to their goals, the red-and-whites won 3-0.

Scalp of the Polish Vice-Champion, Diouf and Botos Score

In their second preparatory match, Slavia defeated the Polish vice-champion Śląsk Wrocław 2-0 in Aigen. The opening goal was scored by Malick Diouf, and in the second half, new addition Giannis-Fivos Botos also scored for the first time.

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