Bořil: Would exchange my goal for a point

“Everyone expected us to concede at last five goals. We have nothing to be ashamed of,” says the only Slavia goal scorer Jan Bořil.
He does not score much. But when he scores, he makes sure that people will remember. Slavia left back Jan Bořil netted the only goal of home game against Cluj and secured the Red Whites qualification for the UEFA Champions League Group Stage. Now he scored another one, this time against FC Barcelona.

Are you disappointed with the result? It could be one point at least…
“That’s right. We wanted to be on the square with Barcelona, to play an open part, and we did it. We do not score, even from 100% chances, and it’s bringing us to our knees. That’s why we need to work so hard in these games. It was a pity against Barcelona. We knew what Messi can do, that we simply cannot catch him, but despite this we pushed them back and we created big opportunities. It’s a pity we couldn’t score more goals.”

Did Barcelona game push you to your limit?
“I wouldn’t say that. We play with the same effort all our European games. And Champions League is not an exception. We are in a good mood, we know, what we want to play, and one can see it on the pitch. We want to play fair with everyone, but not scoring from clear opportunities is bringing us to our knees. I would exchange my goal for a point for sure.”

How did you – a left back – appear in front before your goal?
“I don’t even know how it started, I must watch the video first. I was just running, the ball got to Lukáš Masopust and I got the idea to run to the middle. He passed the ball to me and I just focused on how to latch onto that pass. Then it was just the typical “Kladno instep” [ironic Czech expression for toe-poke].”

How difficult it was for you to mark Lionel Messi?
“Yes, I was the one to mark him, I tried to run with him, but you just simply can’t catch him. I also tried to support the offensive, then wait for him, but he just dribbles past defenders and suddenly appear behind me. You can’t chase him.”

You had an argument in the second half, what was it about?
“He spoke English to me, told me that I hit him with an elbow. I told him I didn’t think so, but later people told me that I probably did. I haven’t apologised to him yet and I am afraid I won’t even have the chance. But it simply hurts to play against me, he shouldn’t be in that duel…”

Not even after the game?
“Most of their players left the pitch, did not even shake hands. I must say I was taken aback. I didn’t expect this.”

Does it hurt you that you have played great game but ended with no points?
“It is the Champions League, we played against Barcelona! Nobody expected us to win, in contrary, everyone expected us to concede at least five goals. We have nothing to be ashamed of. We might have just one point but still we are in the group of death. We still aim for the third place and Europa League spot. Key game will be home against Inter.”


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