Vladimír Coufal: We want to get points against Barcelona

Vladimír Coufal has been watching Barcelona and Champions League since he was young. Now he is looking forward for playing on his own.
How are you looking forward to playing against such team as Barcelona?
“Since I was young, since I started watching football, I have been following Champions league and Barcelona. Since I was young, I have known some of the players I will meet on the pitch tomorrow. You simply cannot do anything else than looking forward for this game. It is a special day for everyone in the club. I hope it will have a good outcome, acceptable for us, and that we will bring some good memories.”

Have you been talking about who will get Messi’s shirt after the final whistle?
“We don’t want to make some big drama from this issue. We won’t chase Messi after the game and beg for his shirt, we definitely won’t. We haven’t been talking about it but I believe we will reach some deal. We don’t want to make fools of ourselves.”

Is Barcelona the biggest game of your career so far?
“There has been a lot of big games recently. Last season Sevilla, Chelsea, then Brazil and England with national team, now Barcelona. I don’t really know what game to put on top. Those were beautiful games and you certainly play football for such games. I usually rate those games best which I managed to win. And I think there weren’t many…”

You were celebrating in the dressing room after the draw. Is it now different? Are you aware of the strength of your opponent?
“I am still looking forward to playing this game. It was a euphoric moment then in the dressing room, most of us have qualified for the Champions League for the first time and we were drawn together with such clubs. Now we can experience it in reality and we are looking forward to playing every single match. The club, the whole country and the fans here in Eden. We keep looking forward and we want to make some points against Barcelona as well.”



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