Slavia against Barcelona and other Spanish clubs

The Red Whites will meet FC Barcelona fort he first time in competitive game. But it is far from the first encounter of these two clubs in history.

Slavia against Barcelona: 3 wins in 8 games

Even though the first result of mutual game was recorded in 1920, the two teams have met already in January 1914, less than a year before the outbreak of the first world war. However, the result of this friendly remains unknown and first official encounter between Slavia and Barcelona is thus dated to spring 1920. Slavia managed by John William Madden travelled to Barcelona for their pre-season camp and agreed on 3 games against FCB. In first two games the Red Whites managed to draw 2-2 and 0-0 (Slavia line-up: Turek, Ráca, Nytl, Vaník,Bělka, Janík, Kovařovič, Jíranský, Šroubek, Prošek, Škvor), in the third Slavia starting with reserves lost 0-6.

Barcelona v Slavia, 1924, Camp de les Corts

Between 1920 and 1934 Slavia played 8 games against FC Barcelona overall, winning 3 of them, losing 3 and drawing 2. The Red Whites waited till 1924 for their first win (3-2 with goals by Kratochvíl and Štapl), the other two came in Barcelona again in 1934 (both games 3-2, goals by Sobotka, Svoboda and Kopecký).

Slavia against other Spanish clubs: Nightmare named Celta Vigo and Miracle against Sevilla

The Red Whites and their fans had to wait more than 60 years for another encounter against Spanish clubs. The first came in the era of independent Czech Republic, more specifically in 1996 UEFA Cup. Overall Slavia won just 2 out of 12 games, drew in 5 and lost 5 of them.

Slavia 0-1 Valencia CF; Valencia CF 0-0 Slavia
1996/97 UEFA Cup, 2nd round

Celta de Vigo 3-0 Slavia; Slavia 2-0 Celta de Vigo
2003/04 UEFA Champions League, 3rd qualifying round

Sevilla FC 4-2 Slavia; Slavia 0-3 Sevilla FC
2007/08 UEFA Champions League, Group stage, MD2 and MD6

Valencia CF 1-1 Slavia; Slavia 2-2 Valencia CF
2009/10 UEFA Europa league, Group stage, MD3 and MD4

Villarreal CF 2-2 Slavia; Slavia 0-2 Villarreal CF
2017/18 UEFA Europa League, Group stage, MD3 and MD4

Sevilla FC 2-2 Slavia; Slavia 4-3 Sevilla FC
2018/19 UEFA Europa League, Round of 16

Slavia joy after 4-3 overtime victory against Sevilla FC in 2019


2021/22 Fortuna Liga draw has been made

Slavia will start the 2021/22 season with two away games at Zlín and Teplice at the end of June.

Srdjan Plavšić joins Slavia

25-year old Serbian midfielder signed contract with the Red-Whites until 2024.

Record-breaking season in numbers

The Unbeaten season brought more impressive numbers than just 39 games without a single loss in the domestic competitions.

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