Boss: The guys played fantastic game

"If you have to lose, you should lose in this style," Jindřich Trpišovský said after the game.
“I don’t say this often but if I skip the opening 20 minutes, the guys played fantastic game. If I realize again who stood against us, I must appreciate our attitude, even though it’s a loss and we have zero points. Our performance escalated and in the last 10 minutes we had many opportunities in the box which could ended with a goal. It’s a pity we actually scored two own goals, we did not play well during opening 20 minutes, but from our first chance it was an equal game,” Jindřich Trpišovský said after the match.

“What I appreciate the most is the team play and some great individual performances. When you see Barcelona losing balls, it’s great. On the other side there were also sequences when they did not give us the ball at all. Even though I don´t like to say this, if you have to lose, you should lose in this style. Despite the loss we played great. People had fun. But football is about goals and we lost due to an own goal and wasted chances. Quality in the box often decides and our opponent proved it with their first goal,” Slavia manager added.

“The reality is always different from TV before the game. Barcelona outrun us on the wings, we didn’t play well in the opening 15 minutes or so, even though we hade one more player in the centre of the pitch. We had too much respect. Semedo caused us trouble on the right side when Bořil was intended to guard Messi. They read our game quickly and reacted very well,” Jindřich Trpišovský continued about Barcelona style of play.

“We scored only two goals in three games, it’s not good. Usually the more chances you create, the more goals you score. But that’s not our case in Europe. When we have five chances and we don’t score, it hurts, because we know that every mistake we make and every chance by our opponent is dangerous. Jan Bořil is the only winner on our side tonight, it will always be written in history that he scored against Barcelona. But if you waste chance in the last minutes that could equalize against Barcelona, it will stay inside you for a long time,” boss concluded.


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