Souček: A deserved win

Slavia captain Tomáš Souček scored in 5th consecutive Prague Derby. “I loved the goals against Sparta since I was young,” says our midfielder after the game.
Tomáš Souček scored 5 goals in 4 games against Sparta last season and continues in the same style in 2019/20. Slavia captain opened the score of 294th Prague Derby from the spot and sent Slavia in the direction of 3-0 away win – the biggest since 4-1 in 2008.

What was the key to victory?
“We believed that if we stick to our style of play, we will bring three points from Sparta. The only thing which could bring us to our knees was being too hectic, getting involved too much in tackles and duels. We want to focus on the game, we did it and we played good football. We deserved to win.”

What kind of feeling it is to score in away derby?
“It is beautiful. Since I was a kid, I loved goals against Sparta. If it continues like this, I want to play with Sparta at least three times a year.”

You have missed your last penalty, were you afraid to take it in Derby? You were the one who was tackled…
“I did not want to speak too soon. When I thought I would score every single penalty I did not convert from the spot in Karviná. I am glad I had the opportunity to take it this time and luckily for me I scored. Maybe some day there will be moments when I leave penalty to someone else, but this was Derby, at Sparta, and I really wanted to score against them. That’s why I took the ball.”

You played well in the Derby, sometimes it seemed you didn’t have to put so much effort into the game, right?
“In contrary. It was a difficult game. We had the match at Inter in our heads and we wanted to bring the good mood into this game. Sometimes it didn’t work out, but we wanted to play our game. All the duels were changing the course of the game, it was very physical, but I think the win was well deserved. When we got the ball on the ground, we managed to create chances. And Koli [goalkeeper Ondřej Kolář] backed us up.”

You haven’t lost to Sparta in 9 consecutive games…
“I am aware of the series. But we haven’t lost in this season either and we want to keep it as long as possible. When it goes like this, we would like to create some margin. We must go game to game because later we could drop points somewhere and got into trouble.”

How difficult it is to switch from Champions League to Czech league?
“Sometimes it could be difficult. That’s why we were glad to play at Sparta because those games are almost equal. There were full stadiums both at Inter and Sparta, so almost nothing changed.”


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