We want to make the beautiful season even better

Petr Ševčík is on the brink of his second Czech double with Slavia. “The game will have specific drive, we can make this season even more beautiful,” he says before the Cup final.

On the motivation

“I think we are all looking forward to this game. We can give the icing on the cake of this beautiful season. Everybody is motivated.”

On Viktoria Plzeň

“The game will have a specific drive for both teams. They play for everything, for them it is the game of the year. But for us kind of too. We want to make this beautiful season even better than it is now.”

On the big load of games

“We feel good thanks to the big squad. We have many good players, and the managers can use it. Sometimes they can change bigger part of the line-up.”

Petr Ševčík in the MOL Cup Semi-final against Sparta.

On the focus after the league title

“We are working on it all the time. For us, it is a game after game, and we want to win in all of them. It’s been our mindset for the entire season, and there is no reason for change of this mindset now.”

On the rest after league title

“We have won the title and we can now fully focus on the Cup final, which gives us a slight advantage in my point of view. The coaches have been talking to us all the time, how do we feel, how tired are we, and that’s why the line-up can be sometimes different or why we don’t play the full load of 90 minutes in some games. The coaches have made a terrific job to keep us in full strength.”


2021/22 Fortuna Liga draw has been made

Slavia will start the 2021/22 season with two away games at Zlín and Teplice at the end of June.

Srdjan Plavšić joins Slavia

25-year old Serbian midfielder signed contract with the Red-Whites until 2024.

Record-breaking season in numbers

The Unbeaten season brought more impressive numbers than just 39 games without a single loss in the domestic competitions.

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