Dominant Derby!

round  13, Su 23.10.2022, Fortuna Arena
round  13, Su 23.10.2022, Fortuna Arena
Slavia - Sparta
Goals: 5. Jurečka, 12. Hromada, 30. Masopust, 45. Olayinka
Slavia defeated Sparta 4-0 in the 304th Prague Derby which is the biggest win for the Red-Whites in the Czech league.
The 304th Prague Derby was a direct fight for the second place in the league table. Slavia sat second before the game with 25 points, Sparta were third two points behind.

And Slavia caught their rival napping on the very beginning of the match. With 5 minutes on the clock after a long ball Vitík sent a slow header toward his own goalkeeper, Václav Jurečka was much faster and sent the ball past Kovář into the net. 1-0.

Only 8 minutes later Slavia won the ball on Sparta half, the away defence cleared the ball only to Jakub Hromada behind the box and our midfielder sent the ball into the bottom left corner. 2-0.

In the 18th minute Slavia scored third, but the goal was disallowed as Olayinka run into the goalkeeper Kovář when he already held the ball in his gloves.

Slavia, however, kept setting the pace and added third after half an hour of the play. A corner was followed by cross from the right side, Kovář punched the ball only few metres into the box, Lukáš Masopust got to it first and found the back of the net with a touch of a crossbar. 3-0.

Only after the third goal Sparta got into their first chance when Kuchta fired from the sharp angle on the left side of the box and his effort deflected by Ousou had to be blocked by Kolář’ good save. Shortly afterwards Pavelka could fire from a good position outside the box but sent his effort wide.

In the third minute of the added time the Red-Whites managed to score fourth. Jurečka kept the ball in a duel against Sparta defence and sent a low pass into the box where Peter Olayinka fired the ball through Kovář. 4-0.

After the break Slavia got into the first chance in the 59th minute, but Masopust’s header after a corner missed the far post. Otherwise no more bigger chances were created on both sides.

Slavia thus defeated Sparta 4-0 in the first Prague Derby of the season. It is the biggest win for the Red-Whites in the history of the Czech league since 1993. We also scored four goals in the Derby for the first time since 2008.




Kolář – Jurásek D., Ousou, Kačaraba, Douděra (67. Usor) – Hromada (74. Tiéhi), Oscar (85. Kričfaluši) – Masopust, Olayinka, Lingr (85. Ewerton) – Jurečka (74. Tecl)


M. Kovář – Wiesner (39. Minchev), Mejdr, Vitík, Sörensen – Höjer, Daněk (39. Karabec) – Pavelka, Sadílek (60. Zelený), Haraslín (60. Čvančara) – Kuchta (74. Sáček)


5. Jurečka, 12. Hromada, 30. Masopust, 45. Olayinka
Yellow cards
Tiéhi, Olayinka - Daněk, Minchev, Mejdr
Zelinka – Nádvorník, Paták



Coming from behind in Tiraspol to secure European spring

Slavia secured their place in the spring phase of the UEFA Europa League by defeating Sheriff 3-2 away in the 5th round of Group G. The goal account was opened by Jurečka, in the second half, Zafeiris and Tijani found the net, with Tijani scoring from a penalty in injury time.

Duty commands success. We know, however, how Rome struggled here

​Jaroslav Köstl spoke with journalists before the match against Tiraspol about the absence of head coach Jindřich Trpišovský, the potential historic achievement or of maintaining the top position in the table over AS Roma.

Information for Fans Traveling to Tiraspol

před 3 dny
The third match of the group stage of the Europa League between Slavia and Sheriff Tiraspol will be held in Tiraspol on Thursday, November 30, at 10:00 PM local time. Ticket sales have already ended. Below, you will find a guide.

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