Chytil was the match-winner against Budějovice

round  16, Sa 25.11.2023, Fortuna Arena
round  16, Sa 25.11.2023, Fortuna Arena
Slavia - Č. Budějovice
Goals: 7. Jurečka, 72. Chytil – 20. Adediran
Slavia defeated České Budějovice 2-1 in the 16th round of the FORTUNA:LIGA at the Fortuna Arena. In front of 16,620 spectators, Václav Jurečka opened the scoring seven minutes into the game, and the winning goal was netted by Mojmír Chytil in the second half.
Jan Bořil led the team as captain in a defensive trio against České Budějovice. Four other changes from the Olomouc match saw Tomáš Vlček starting, Jakub Hromada returning to midfield, and Mojmír Chytil partnering with Mick van Buren in the attack. Van Buren marked his 100th league start for Slavia.

Slavia entered the game with an active play style despite the cold weather, initiating several interesting combinations in the opening five minutes, but goalkeeper Šípoš had little to do.

In the 7th minute, a corner kick from Petr Ševčík found Conrad Wallem, whose headed flick to the far post was met by Václav Jurečka, opening the scoring with a powerful shot - 1-0!

Seven minutes later, another swift break from Slavia ensued. After a precise pass from Mick van Buren, Conrad Wallem attempted a lob, but the Budějovice goalkeeper managed to deflect it for a corner.

Towards the end of the first 20 minutes, Budějovice initiated a quick counter, resulting in Adediran's precise shot from the edge of the box equalizing the score at 1-1.

Around the half-hour mark, Jan Bořil found a charging Václav Jurečka with an airy pass behind the defense, narrowly missing the striker's delicate touch. Michal Tomič's sharp cross also failed to find Mojmír Chytil, inches away from converting.

The first half ended without further changes in the scoreline as both teams headed to the locker rooms. Slavia began the second half with one change; Christos Zafeiris replaced Jakub Hromada in midfield.

Ten minutes after the referee's whistle, Petr Ševčík's shot from outside the box was blocked by the Dynamo defense for a corner. An hour into the game, Slavia made their second substitution, replacing Mick van Buren and Michal Tomič with Masopust and Provod.

In the 65th minute, the crossbar rang behind Aleš Mandous as Suchan attempted a shot for Budějovice, while Lukáš Provod mirrored his attempt on the other end. Seven minutes later, after an active play from Provod, Mojmír Chytil positioned himself best in the scrum, directing the ball behind goalkeeper Šípoš - 2-1!

Three minutes before the final ten-minute mark, Slavia made their third change, substituting goal scorer Mojmír Chytil with Ivan Schranz. In stoppage time, Oscar replaced midfielder Petr Ševčík.

No further action unfolded, and Slavia secured a 2-1 victory over České Budějovice. Their next game is against Sheriff Tiraspol in the UEFA Europa League on November 30th. Their final home league match of the year, on December 10th at 18:00, will be against Mladá Boleslav.




Mandous – Vlček, Ogbu, Bořil – Tomič (60. Masopust), Ševčík (90. Dorley), Hromada (46. Zafeiris), Wallem – Chytil, Jurečka (77. Schranz), van Buren (60. Provod)

Č. Budějovice

Šípoš – Sladký, Nikl, Králik, Trummer – Šigut (63. Osmančík), Suchan, Hubínek, Hellebrand, Alli (78. Skalák) – Adediran (86. Hora)


7. Jurečka, 72. Chytil – 20. Adediran
Yellow cards
Hromada – Šigut, Adediran
Kvítek – Kubr, Kříž



Third Consecutive Preseason Win Against Podbrezová

Slavia extended their streak of preseason victories to three by defeating Slovakian team Podbrezová 4-2 in Rohrbach. Against the sixth-place team from last season´s Niké League, they turned the score around in the second half with goals from Wallem, van Buren, Pech, and Botos.

Victory Over Rapid Secured by Fila, Vorlický, and Chaloupek

Slavia´s third opponent in their preparations for the new season was Rapid Vienna. In the first half, Daniel Fila opened the scoring, and in the second half, Lukáš Vorlický scored after a beautiful play, followed by Štěpán Chaloupek at the end of the match. Thanks to their goals, the red-and-whites won 3-0.

Scalp of the Polish Vice-Champion, Diouf and Botos Score

In their second preparatory match, Slavia defeated the Polish vice-champion Śląsk Wrocław 2-0 in Aigen. The opening goal was scored by Malick Diouf, and in the second half, new addition Giannis-Fivos Botos also scored for the first time.

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