Karviná scalped: Two goals in 67 seconds and a debut goal

round  21, Su 18.2.2024, Městský stadion Karviná
round  21, Su 18.2.2024, Městský stadion Karviná
Karviná - Slavia
Goals: 16. Memić vl., 17. Chytil, 81. Diouf
Slavia won 3-0 in Karviná in front of a large group of Slavia fans. After the opening quarter-hour, the first goal was officially credited to Malick Diouf on his debut. A minute later, Mojmír Chytil added second, and at the end of the second half, Diouf sealed the victory with his second of the night.
Slavia entered the Municipal Stadium in Karviná with four changes compared to the match in Zlín. Ivan Schranz made his first start of the spring season, while Tomáš Holeš returned to the defensive line. David Douděra took care of the right flank, while El Hadji Malick Diouf made his competitive debut on the opposite side.

Both teams started the duel with high intensity, with a dangerous cross from Ševčík for the home team in the first minute, but goalkeeper Holec intervened in time.

After the opening quarter-hour of play, Ivan Schranz found himself alone at the corner of the home team's penalty area, sending a sharp cross into the box. The pass from the Slovak national team player reached Karviná's Memić, who directed the ball into his own net – 0:1!

And a minute later, it happened again! Almost immediately after the restart, David Douděra seized the ball, sending a well-timed pass to Mojmír Chytil. With only the Slezan goalkeeper in his way, Chytil beat him with a shot between his legs – 0:2!

After thirty-five minutes of play, Conrad Wallem slipped into the Karviná penalty area, finding Ivan Schranz after a technical turn. However, goalkeeper Holec was up to the challenge this time with a quick save. Three minutes later, David Zima's corner was met with another sharp header, but Holec dealt with it once again.

The rest of the first half offered no further action, and the teams went into the break with Slavia leading by two goals.

The second half saw a slight decrease in the pace of the game. Thirteen minutes after the referee's whistle, the home team had a great chance, but Krčík's shot from outside the box was bravely blocked by the second goalscorer of the match, Mojmír Chytil.

Six minutes after the hour mark, the Slavia coaching staff made their first substitution. Offensive trio Conrad Wallem, Mojmír Chytil, and Ivan Schranz were replaced by Lukáš Provod, Muhamed Tijani, and Mick van Buren.

In the 81st minute, Muhamed Tijani found El Hadji Malick Diouf offside, who, with a technical shot at the near post, gave the Slezan goalkeeper no chance – 0:3!

Four minutes before the end of regular time, Slavia made their second substitution. Oscar left the field, replaced by Ondřej Zmrzlý. Three minutes later, Petr Ševčík was also replaced by Tomáš Vlček.

The rest of the match in Karviná offered nothing more, and Slavia defeated the home team by a three-goal margin. The next match awaits Jindřich Trpišovský's team on Sunday, February 25, when they will host Pardubice at the Fortuna Arena. The kick-off for the 22nd round of the FORTUNA:LIGA is scheduled for 3:00 PM.




Holec – Ražnatović (80. Bielan), Traore (80. Svozil), Krčík, Fleišman – Žák (59. Ayaosi), Budínský – Memić, Čavoš, Vinicius (59. Doležal) – Ezeh (46. Akinyemi)


Mandous – Holeš, Ogbu, Zima – Douděra, Ševčík (89. Vlček), Oscar (86. Zmrzlý), Diouf – Wallem (66. Provod) – Chytil (66. Tijani), Schranz (66. van Buren)


16. Memić vl., 17. Chytil, 81. Diouf
Yellow cards
Žák, Ražnatović, Akinyemi – Oscar, Ogbu, Schranz
Szikszay – Volf, Podaný



A draw to start the season against Slovácko. Clean sheet for Kinský

před 2 dny
In the first round of the 2024/2025 season, Slavia failed to overcome Slovácko and took home a point from Uherské Hradiště after a goalless draw. Antonín Kinský secured a clean sheet in his league debut for Slavia.

Filip Prebsl signs new contract with Slavia

Filip Prebsl, the 21-year-old versatile defender and Slavia academy graduate, has extended his contract with the club until June 30, 2028. Prebsl, who spent the last two seasons on loan at Liberec, is set to return to Eden.

New 2024/25 Puma shirts released

Slavia proudly presents the new jerseys from their long-term partner, Puma, for the upcoming 2024/2025 season. These jerseys pay tribute to the star in the SK Slavia Praha emblem and, together with top-notch technological processing, emphasize the strong identity of the club.

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