Defeat in Cluj complicates the promotion prospect

4. kolo, Th 13.10.2022, Stadionul Constantin Rădulescu
4. kolo, Th 13.10.2022, Stadionul Constantin Rădulescu
CFR 1907 Kluž - SK Slavia Praha
Goals: 11. Deac, 84. Matias
Slavia lost also their second game against Cluj. Deac and Matias scored for the home side.
The situation in Group G was more than equal before matchday 4 with all clubs on 4 points with the same number of goals scored and conceded. Slavia, however, did not enter the game in good mood after two lost games against Cluj at home and Olomouc away.

Many absences forced manager Trpišovský to make five changes compared to the last game in Olomouc, but it was Cluj who managed to take an early lead. After 10 minutes Kolář made a good save against Matias’ header and blocked the ball on corner. The ball then flew into our box, Olayinka tried to clear it with a dangerous bicycle kick and hit Muhar’s head which resulted in a penalty.

Ciprian Deac sent the ball close to the left post, Kolář could not block the ball despite guessing the side right and the home side took lead.

The game was later interrupted for some 15 minutes due to a medical treatment of one of the fans on the stands, but it was not earlier than in the added time until Slavia got into their first big chance. Traoré sent a sharp cross from the right side of the box, the ball went past several defenders and found David Jurásek on the far post, but our defender sent the ball above the crossbar of the open net in a difficult position.

In the 12th minute of the added time Taras Kacharaba sent another dangerous shot from behind the box which hit the outside of the left post, but the much-desired equalizer did not come before the break.

After the pause Stanislav Tecl set up Yira Sor in a good position in the 59th minute, but our striker did not reach the ball in front of the net. Slavia had more possession and much higher number of completed passes throughout the game but failed to create more chances.

On the other side Cluj managed to double their lead at the very end. After a corner Yuri Matias outjumped Oscar inside of the box and headed the ball through Kolář.

Slavia thus lost third game in a row and their prospects of qualification into the next stage of the UECL worsened significantly.



CFR 1907 Kluž

Scuffet – Manea, Matias, Kolinger, Camora – Deac (45. Cvek), Boateng (89. Hoban), Muhar, Roger (89. Petrila) – Yeboah (78. Malele), Janga (65. Braun).

SK Slavia Praha

Kolář – Oscar, Kačaraba (70. Masopust), Ousou, D. Jurásek – Traoré (70. Ewerton), Tiéhi (86. Jurásek M.) – Sor (59. Lingr), Usor (86. Kričfaluši), Olayinka – Tecl.


11. Deac, 84. Matias
Yellow cards
Boateng, Yeboah, Cvek - Olayinka, Jurásek D., Traoré, Oscar, Masopust, Ousou
Godinho – Teixeira, Almeida



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