End in the cup. 309th Derby decided by penalty in extra time

čtvrtfinále, We 28.2.2024, Fortuna Arena
čtvrtfinále, We 28.2.2024, Fortuna Arena
Slavia - Sparta
Goals: 39. Schranz, 48. Diouf - 55. a 70. Olatunji, 113. Karabec (pen.)
Slavia lost to Sparta 2-3 in #309derby after extra time, Failing to defend last year´s triumph in MOL Cup. Facing a fantastic backdrop of 19,223 spectators, the Red-Whites had two-goal lead, with goals from Schranz and Diouf, but the opponent equalized, and a penalty kick in extra time decided the match.
The kickoff of the cup quarterfinal was preceded by a ceremonial moment, with the national anthem sung by Hana Masopustová, wife of national midfielder Lukáš Masopust, just like in the 304th derby in October 2022.

The first corner kick of the match was taken by the Stitched, but the first serious threat came from the visitors; Tuci missed an open goal in the 7th minute. Before Olatunji could reach it, Aleš Mandous hid the ball in his gloves. In the 23rd minute, Preciado received the first yellow card of the duel for a foul on Malick Diouf, and Laçi's attempt flew high above the crossbar. An interesting shot from Lukáš Masopust from the right wing descended beyond the far post, and a dangerous cross from Malick Diouf was cleared by the opponent's defense for a corner.

In the 37th minute, Ivan Schranz shot from distance, and Vorel was prepared. Two minutes later, the Slovak international could celebrate; Mojmír Chytil initiated a quick counter, delivered the ball to Schranz, who with a ground shot to the far post gave the goalkeeper no chance - 1:0. The thirty-year-old utility player scored in the derby for the fourth time, having previously celebrated three goals in the league.

After Lukáš Masopust's foul, a free-kick was taken from the edge of the penalty area by Birmančević in stoppage time of the first half, but Mandous made a great save, punching the ball out of the right corner.

Three minutes into the second half, the net behind Vorle moved again. Masopust's shot was only parried by the Letná goalkeeper to the onrushing Malick Diouf, who had an easy finish - 2:0. The goal was preceded by an excellent defensive play by Oscar, who thwarted the opponent's quick counter.

In the 55th minute, the visitors pulled one back, with Olatunji scoring after a solo run - 2:1. Vorel intervened against Masopust's shot. Twenty minutes before the end, the score was leveled as Olatunji scored his second - 2:2. Coach Jindřich Trpišovský's team reacted with substitutions; Masopust and Schranz were replaced by Lukáš Provod and Petr Ševčík.

Conrad Wallem could have restored the lead for Slavia, but Vorel managed to save his deflected shot. The Norwegian midfielder was then replaced by Muhamed Tijani. David Douděra lacked precision in his shooting attempt, and a minute before the end of regular playing time, Tomáš Vlček, who celebrated his 23rd birthday on the 309th day, replaced Tomáš Holeš.

The referee added four minutes of stoppage time, during which Olatunji's header went over. Extra time followed, with Douděra setting up Tijani, whose shot with a deflection off one of the defenders hit the right post. Vorel caught Oscar's shot. Michal Tomič replaced David Douděra for the second half of extra time.

In the 112th minute, referee Rouček reviewed Tomáš Vlček's handball with VAR and awarded a penalty to Sparta. Mandous guessed the direction, but couldn't reach Karabec's shot - 2:3. In the 113th minute, Diouf was replaced by Jan Bořil. Kucht's attempt from an angle was thwarted by Mandous. In the 119th minute, Tomič shot into the block, and Ogbu couldn't pierce the defensive wall. In added time, the Stitched had a chance for a free-kick just outside the penalty area, taken by Muhamed Tijani, but unfortunately, he missed over the crossbar. Subsequently, Zelený was sent off after receiving his second yellow card.

Slavia couldn't equalize from the last set-piece, taken by Ševčík, and fell 2-3 in extra time. They won't defend last year's triumph in the MOL Cup, as their journey ended in the quarterfinals. The 310th derby will take place on Sunday at 18:00 away at Letná.




Mandous – Holeš (C) (89. Vlček), Ogbu, Zima – Douděra (106. Tomič), Masopust (73. Ševčík), Oscar, Diouf (113. Bořil) – Schranz (73. Provod), Chytil, Wallem (78. Tijani)


Vorel – Sørensen (111. Vitík), Panák, Krejčí (103. Karabec) – Preciado (71. Sadílek), Laçi (71. Solbakken), Kairinen, Ryneš – Tuci (58. Zelený), Olatunji, Birmančević (58. Kuchta)


39. Schranz, 48. Diouf - 55. a 70. Olatunji, 113. Karabec (pen.)
Yellow cards
Holeš, Masopust, Bořil, Tomič - Preciado, Kuchta, Karabec, Vorel, Zelený
Red cards
120. Zelený
Rouček – Paták, Caletka



A draw to start the season against Slovácko. Clean sheet for Kinský

před 2 dny
In the first round of the 2024/2025 season, Slavia failed to overcome Slovácko and took home a point from Uherské Hradiště after a goalless draw. Antonín Kinský secured a clean sheet in his league debut for Slavia.

Filip Prebsl signs new contract with Slavia

Filip Prebsl, the 21-year-old versatile defender and Slavia academy graduate, has extended his contract with the club until June 30, 2028. Prebsl, who spent the last two seasons on loan at Liberec, is set to return to Eden.

New 2024/25 Puma shirts released

Slavia proudly presents the new jerseys from their long-term partner, Puma, for the upcoming 2024/2025 season. These jerseys pay tribute to the star in the SK Slavia Praha emblem and, together with top-notch technological processing, emphasize the strong identity of the club.

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