No goals and no points at Olomouc

round  11, Su 9.10.2022, Andrův stadion
round  11, Su 9.10.2022, Andrův stadion
SK Sigma Olomouc - SK Slavia Praha
Goals: 19. Sláma, 54. Chytil
Slavia dropped 3 points at Sigma Olomouc after a 0-2 defeat.
Slavia started the game with 5 changes compared to the unsuccessful UECL game against Cluj on Thursday. Oscar, Tiéhi, Traoré, Jurečka and Ewerton returned to the starting XI. For Ibrahim Traoré it was the 100th league game for the Red-Whites.

The game started with chances on both sides, but Navrátil’s header was blocked by Kolář and the cross deflected by Kacharaba on the other side hit Olomouc goalkeeper’s face which diverted it off target.

Sigma took lead after 20 minutes. After a cross from the right wing, Slavia defence cleared the ball only to Jiří Sláma who curled the ball behind Kolář on the far post.

Slavia set the pace for most of the first half and created several chances to equalize, but Douděra missed the ball in front of an open net after Ewerton’s superb pass in the 26th minute and Oscar was denied by goalkeeper Trefil after being set up by Traoré’s through pass shortly before the break.

After the pause the Red-Whites continued in the same pace, but in the 54th minute Olomouc doubled their lead when a long ball by the goalkeeper was deflected by Kacharaba, this unlucky touch set up Mojmír Chytíl behind Slavia defence and the Sigma midfielder sent the ball around Kolář who was far from the goal at that moment.

Only four minutes later Slavia could score too, but Ousou sent the ball ver the crossbar in a 100% chance in front of an open goal.

Unfortunately, it was the last big opportunity for Slavia. On the other side Chytil fired again after a quick combination on the edge of the box but missed the right post. Shortly before the full time Poulolo went through our defence into the box, but Kolář managed to save his low shot.

Slavia thus dropped 3 points in Olomouc conceding one goal in both halves. Next game will be played next Thursday, on 13 October, away at CFR Cluj in the UEFA Europa Conference League MD4.



SK Sigma Olomouc

Trefil – Chvátal (87. Poulolo), Pokorný, Beneš, Zmrzlý – Breite, Spáčil (61. Greššák)(87. Vraštil) – Navrátil (66. Žifčák), Chytil, Sláma (66. Šíp) – Růsek

SK Slavia Praha

Kolář – Douděra (73. Lingr), Ousou, Kačaraba (57. Jurásek D.), Oscar – Tiéhi, Hromada (45. Provod) – Jurečka (65. Usor), Ewerton, Traoré – Tecl (45. Sor)


19. Sláma, 54. Chytil
Yellow cards
Trefil - Ousou, Kačaraba, Tiéhi
Klíma – Antoníček, Machač



Draw in Liberec

Slavia drew in Liberec after the home team managed to equalize in the added time following a red card for Olaiynka.

Coming from behind to beat Plzeň at home

Slavia won the direct game for the top of the league table. The Red-Whites came from behind in the second half thanks to Olayinka and Lingr.

Narrow defeat in České Budějovice

Slavia lost 0-1 against Dynamo České Budějovice away from home. Adediran was the match-winner for the home club.

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