Victory at Slovácko, second place in the final league table

N4, Sa 18.5.2024, Městský fotbalový stadion Miroslava Valenty
N4, Sa 18.5.2024, Městský fotbalový stadion Miroslava Valenty
1.FC Slovácko - SK Slavia Praha
Goals: 65. Zima vl. - 62. Provod, 71. Chytil
In the 4th round of the FORTUNA:LIGA Finale, Slavia defeated Slovácko in Uherské Hradiště 2-1 thanks to goals from Holeš and Chytil. However, with a four-point gap at the top of the table before the final match of the season, the Red-Whites secured the second position in the league season 2023/24.
Compared to the Wednesday's home match against Plzeň, the starting lineup saw three changes. Tomáš Holeš returned to the squad after a suspension, and Matěj Jurásek supported Václav Jurečka in the attacking position.

In the previous two encounters of this season, Slavia had secured two victories, winning 2-0 at Eden and celebrating three points with a 3-1 result two months ago in Uherské Hradiště.

The home team had the first chance at the Miroslav Valenta Stadium, but David Zima prevented Kvasina's attacking effort with a timely slide. In the 8th minute, Heča safely caught Ondřej Zmrzlý's shot after a cross. The Slovácko goalkeeper also managed Václav Jurečka's attempt from an angle. In the 12th minute, Ivan Schranz blocked a shot with his right foot, winning a corner, from which Oscar's volley flew high above the crossbar.

After twenty minutes of play, Matěj Jurásek headed towards goal, but Heča managed to push the ball onto his left post with difficulty. Zmrzlý only hit the side netting with his shot, while Jurečka failed to score even the second time, with Jurásek setting up the opportunity. In the 33rd minute, Tomáš Holeš's thunderbolt narrowly missed the left post. Four minutes later, Jurásek was brought down a meter outside the penalty area, and David Douděra took the free-kick, but missed the target. Two minutes before halftime, Holeš and Ogbu prevented Kohút from scoring.

After Jurečka's header, Jurásek missed the goal with his left-footed shot, while Zima's header after a corner was fantastically saved by Heča's fingertips.

At the beginning of the second half, Christos Zafeiris replaced the ineffective Petr Ševčík, and Slavia immediately pressed the home team, with Douděra shooting wide in a crouched position. Jindřich Staňek repelled Kohút's bullet, and Slovácko then survived an enormous scramble after Jurečka's header, with the ball dancing along the goal line. In the 55th minute, Zafeiris found Douděra with a cross, but his half-volley hit Holzer's head. After an hour of play, Jurečka had the leading goal at his feet, but he couldn't put Holeš's shot into the net.

A double substitution followed, with Schranz and Jurásek replaced by Lukáš Provod and Mojmír Chytil, respectively, and Slavia's leading goal. Heča couldn't reach Tomáš Holeš's beautiful shot from his left foot, which ended up at the far post - 0:1. Provod was credited with the assist after a few seconds on the field.

However, Slavia only kept the lead for three minutes, as Kohút's pass into the penalty area was unfortunately redirected behind Staňek's back by Zima - 1:1. In the 70th minute, Heča reduced Jurečka's shooting angle, but Mojmír Chytil found a way past the home goalkeeper after Douděra's pass from the right side of the pitch - 1:2.

In the 76th minute, Conrad Wallem replaced Zmrzlý, and six minutes later, Jurečka made way for Muhamed Tijani. Reinberk's header didn't find the net, and in injury time, neither team created any significant chances. Slavia won 2-1 against the home team.

The last match in the league season 2023/24 for Jindřich Trpišovský's team will take place on Sunday, May 26, at Eden Stadium against Mladá Boleslav.



1.FC Slovácko

Heča – Holzer, Hofmann, Kalabiška, Blahút – Havlík, Kohút (77. Vecheta) – Sinyavskiy (57. Petržela), Kim (85. Trávník), Juroška (77. Reinberk) – Kvasina (85. Mihálik)

SK Slavia Praha

Staněk – Holeš, Ogbu, Zima, Zmrzlý (76. Wallem) – Oscar, Ševčík (46. Zafeiris) – Douděra, Jurásek (61. Chytil), Schranz (61. Provod) – Jurečka (83. Tijani)


65. Zima vl. - 62. Provod, 71. Chytil
Yellow cards
Kohút, Juroška, Blahút
Szikszay – Volf, Váňa



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