Win against Bohemians returns us to the top

round  28, Sa 22.4.2023, Fortuna Arena
round  28, Sa 22.4.2023, Fortuna Arena
SK Slavia Praha - Bohemians 1905
Goals: 13. Jurečka, 31. Olayinka, 36. Douděra
Slavia defeated Bohemians 3-0 at home and returned on top of the league table.
The game was decided in the opening half. After 13 minutes Slavia opened the score when the ball got to Masopust on the right side of the box, he returned it to the middle and Václav Jurečka’s deflected shot found the back of the net. 1-0.

With 31 minutes on the clock Zafeiris sent a beautiful cross pass to Peter Olayinka, the Nigerian forward cut inside on the edge of the box and sent the ball past Jedlička to double Slavia lead. 2-0.

Only 5 minutes later Mick van Buren chested the long ball to David Douděra who latched onto the pass, moved few metres towards the goal and curled the ball behind Jedlička from 25 metres. 3-0.

Slavia set the pace of the game even after the break but failed to score more goals. In the 68th minute Matěj Jurásek missed only centimetres to send Douděra’s cross into the net. In the 8čth minute Matěj Jurásek sent a beautiful shot into the top right corner from set piece only to force Jedlička to show a similarly superb save.

A minute before the end of the regular time Tecl set up Traoré, but his effort was saved by Bohemians goalkeeper once again. In the added time Tecl headed the ball wide after Olayinka’s pass.

Slavia thus take three points from the home game against Bohemians and returns to the top of the league table. Next Tuesday we travel to Ostrava to play against Baník, on Sunday we continue at home against Hradec Králové.



SK Slavia Praha

Kolář – Ogbu, Oscar, Holeš (C), Masopust – Olayinka, Zafeiris (88. Traoré), Douděra (72. Pech) – van Buren (72. Tecl), Jurečka (63. M. Jurásek), Schranz (63. Provod)

Bohemians 1905

Jedlička – Křapka, Vondra, Köstl, Hůlka – Jindřišek (C), Jánoš (89. Nový), Kovařík (46. Dostál), Hála (66. Morávek) – Drchal (77. Mužík), Prekop (46. Puškáč)


13. Jurečka, 31. Olayinka, 36. Douděra
Yellow cards
- Vondra
Zelinka – Kubr, Caletka



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