Šilhavý: We expect similar game
02.11.2017, Redakce

Šilhavý: We expect similar game

PRAGUE/EDEN ARENA – Prague is awaiting its second Europa League game of 2017/18 season – and the fourth game of group A for Slavia. The opponent for the red & whites is coming from Spain and Villarreal CF is also the favourite of our group. The game takes part on the 125th anniversary of Slavia foundation.


Šilhavý: We expect similar game as in Spain

Slavia drew 2-2 two weeks ago in Villarreal. What does the manager expects from the Spanish side? “We expect similar game as on their stadium, they cannot play different football. Villarreal have played two games in Spain now, different from each other. They spared their key players in the cup but they have played in full strength against Atlético. Villarreal have shown that it does not matter whether they play home or away,” Šilhavý says.

“It would be nice to win on the 125th anniversary. But the Europa League game itself will be a celebration with such opponent as Villarreal. The stadium will be full and the fans will drive us on,” Slavia manager added.

Jaroslav Šilhavý had also some good news concerning injuries. “All 20 players except for Mešanovič and Švento are ready to start, even Deli and Ngadeu. We will not give any clues about the possible line-up, but we would like to play similar part as in Spain. We have played a good game there and we would like to follow up with the home game.”

Sýkora: Such game is a celebration in the Czech Republic

Slavia midfielder and Czech international Jan Sýkora is looking forward to playing on the 125th anniversary. “The European games are always really tense. With the anniversary the start will be even more emotional, but I can speak for the players as well as for the fans when I am saying that such games are always a celebration in Czechia.”

“We are really looking forward to each game. Now we compete with Villarreal for the first spot and the game will have even better atmosphere. We hope we will manage it well,” Sýkora added.

And what does our midfielder expects from the game? “I don’t think the game will be somehow different. We need to show similar quality in the offensive, in Spain we have scored twice from two chances. We cannot expect to overplay Villarreal in combinations, we need to be strong in the defence.”


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