Souček: We will fight for points every single game

"We don´t go against Inter only to play. We go there to succeed," Slavia midfielder says.
“We are all looking forward as much as we can. It is a special moment and I believe that there will be as many people as possible on San Siro. We do not go into the game only to play, we go there to succeed. I think Inter is the club we could trouble most. They were drawn from the third pot, but they strengthened the team in summer,” Slavia midfielder says.

There are several
dangerous players in new inter Inter squad. So how do Slavia players see their opponent? “Inter changed their line-up, they signed tall Lukaku and we must prepare for the situations not only he can create," Souček continues.

Slavia start their Champions League journey at famous San Siro stadium. “San Siro is something different for us. It is a stadium with history, and we can feel it. It’s different than coming on a new stadium. I can compare San Siro maybe only to Wembley where I have played some time before,” Souček continued.

"The experience we gained last season will be extremely important for us. I am sure we will believe in ourselves from the very first minute on the pitch. The games we managed to play equally or win in the last season will help us a lot. We will fight for points in every single game. We know that every team in the group want to win three points against us, but it could be even better for us, if we will be considered such underdogs,” our midfielder, who scored one of two important goals for Czech national team in Montenegro last week, concluded.



​Sheriff Sinyan departs Slavia

Sheriff Sinyan departs Slavia after one year. The club and the 27-year-old centre-back have mutually agreed not to activate the two-year option after the expiry of his one-year contract.

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