We should be proud of this moment

Peter Olayinka scored a goal in his Champions League debut. “After the referee went to check VAR, I was begging him, ´please, don’t stop this feeling´,” Nigerian forward says.
The game against Inter was your Champions League debut, you scored your maiden goal, so what are your feelings after the match?
“Wow. For me it’s really amazing. Scoring my first goal in Champions League, it feels so great. It’s unbelievable, a lot of things was going through my mind after the goal.”

It was quite a hard shot, sharp angle. How did you feel when you saw the ball in the net?
“You know, right after the goal I just watched the linesman to see if it was an offside. After that a lot was going through my mind. Wow, it’s unbelievable. As a kid, I was watching San Siro on TV, and this moment just felt so great I could not believe it. After that the referee went to check VAR and I was like ´please, don’t stop this feeling´, because I was feeling so excited. And when the goal was confirmed I could finally calm down and I felt happy, it was fantastic.”

There is a lot of emotions after the game, but when you calm down and realize that you drew 1-1 at San Siro with Inter, will it be enough for you after such a game?
“I think we should be proud of this moment. Because Inter Milan is not a small club. It’s a huge one, one of the best teams in the world. So, we should be proud of ourselves. Unfortunately, we didn’t get three points. But we could, that should make us proud.”

What about the traditional after-match ritual with fans? The away sector was maybe hundred metres above you?
“This is a normal thing after each game. We do it whether we win or lose. It was quite unusual for us, because normally the fans stand down right in front of us.”

You came late for the pre-match video in the afternoon and the coach said that you must score a goal then…
“Yeah! Well, I did not understand what he was saying, but I said to him ´no problem´. So, it was definitely accurate to what he said. And I scored a goal for him.”


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