Legendary coaches

The status of coaches changes over time. But winners are eternal. We still remember them, starting from the first and most decorated J. W. Madden to Emil Seifert, Rudolf Vytlačil and further to Miroslav Beránek, Karel Jarolím and finally Jindřich Trpišovský. They have all shown their style, game philosophy and managed to pass their ideas and visions successfully to players.

Our coaches also met success abroad. Čestmír Vycpálek in Italy, Ferdinand Daučík in Spain, Jiří Sobotka in Croatia, the Netherlands and Switzerland, Rudolf Krčil in Germany and Iceland, Milan Máčala and Karel Jarolím in the Middle East and Miroslav Beránek in Hungary and Kazakhstan.

John William Madden
(11th July 1865 – 17th April 1948)

John William Madden (the picture comes from his 1905 club ID) won 4 Charity Cups, a Bohemian championship and 3 league championships with Slavia. The legendary “Dědek” (Old Man) spent 25 years with the First Team (1905 – 1930) as coach.

Photo: Slavia archive.
Josef Sloup “Štaplík”
(19th December 1897 – 1st January 1952)

An excellent former Slavia goalkeeper with 153 caps. Gained two champion titles as a coach in 1930/1931 and 1932/1933. He carried on Madden’s work as a strict, demanding and successful coach.
Kálmán Konrád
(23rd May 1896 – 10th May 1980)

This coach of Hungarian origin was the next foreign coach after Madden. The language barrier may have made his work a bit challenging but he managed to lead the team to 2 titles in 1933/1934 and 1934/1935.
Jan Reichardt
(18th October 1901 - ???)

He first played for Slavia (38 caps) and then became a coach. In the 1936/1937 season he led Slavia to a domestic title. Slavia won their first and last Central European Cup (Mitropa Cup) in 1938 under his command.
Emil Seifert
(28th April 1900 – 20th October 1973)

Emil Seifert led Bican & Co. to 4 league titles in a row. He was also a successful youth coach, winning the title with a professional foundation phase team in 1966. Photo: Slavia archive.
Ferdinand Daučík
(31st October 1910 – 14th November 1986)

Ferdinand Daučík played for Slavia for 6 years and lifted the Central European Cup (Mitropa Cup) as the team captain. He later became a coach in Barcelona. Photo: Slavia archive
Rudolf Vytlačil
(9th February 1912 – 1st July 1977)

Rudolf Vytlačil led the Czechoslovak national team into the final of the 1962 World Cup and 1964 Olympic Games. Photo: Slavia archive
Štefan Čambal
(17th December 1908 – 18th July 1990)

Štefan Čambal played 192 matches for Slavia and later continued his football career as a coach abroad. Photo: Slavia archive
František Ipser
(16th August 1927 – 8th December 1999)

Our player (1946 – 1956, 1960 – 1961) and coach (1964 – 1966).Photo: Slavia archive
František Havránek
(11th July 1923 – 26th March 2011)

František Havránek won an Olympic gold medal with the national team in 1980. He coached Slavia from 1966 – 1968. Photo: Slavia archive
Jaroslav Jareš
(21st March 1930 – 5th September 2016)

Jaroslav Jareš was at Slavia for 13 consecutive years, from 1973 - 1986 as a First Team coach or Youth Academy head coach. The team under his command, with František Veselý as captain, won the Czech Cup in 1974. He also won the summer season Intertoto Cup 3 times as a coach. Photo: Slavia archive
Ivan Kopecký
(29th January 1946)

Ivan Kopecký spent his time at Slavia both as a player (1957 – 1971) and coach (July 1988 till December 1989). He won his only title as a coach with Vítkovice (1986). Photo: Slavia archive
František Cipro
(13th April 1947)

František Cipro gathered over 500 caps for Slavia as a player and later became a coach. He won the Czech Cup as a player in 1974. As a coach, he led the team in 1996 to claim the league champions title and to a UEFA Cup semi-final. He added another domestic league trophy a year later. Photo: Slavia archive
Josef Pešice
(12th February 1950 – 18th December 2017)

Josef Pešice experienced a glorious year, in tandem with František Cipro, in 1996. Slavia won the domestic title and progressed to the UEFA Cup semi-final. The next season saw them win the domestic cup. Photo: Slavia archive
Miroslav Beránek
(24th April 1957)

Miroslav Beránek would wear our shirt as a player in 325 matches and was later in charge of the team as coach. He led Slavia to the domestic cup and the national team to win the U21 EURO Championships in 2002. Photo: Slavia archive
Karel Jarolím
(23rd August 1956)

Karel Jarolím played for Slavia in an unbelievable 567 games. He did not win the title with Slavia as a player but managed to do this as a coach in 2008 and 2009. He was the first coach to get Slavia into the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. Photo: Martin Malý.
Jaroslav Šilhavý
(3rd November 1961)

A former team captain Jaroslav Šilhavý took over the team after a defeat in Pilsen (28th August 2016) and the team did not lose a single game for the remainder of the season. The domestic title was a very tasty cherry on the top! Photo: Martin and Jan Malý.
Jindřich Trpišovský
(27th February 1976)

Led the red-and-white squad in the season 2017/2018 to claim the domestic cup. The season 2018/2019 saw his team reach a UEFA Europa League quarter final and win a league title and domestic cup. The first domestic double in 77 years. The season 2019/2020 also had a rocket start when Slavia progressed into the UEFA Champions League group stage. The season was crowned with defending the domestic title, our 20th league title. In the season 2020/2021, Slavia under his command reached the UEFA Europa League quarter final again after eliminating Leicester City and Rangers FC. The season finished with a 21st domestic title and a domestic cup trophy – another domestic double.over the team after a defeat in Pilsen (28th August 2016) and the team did not lose a single game for the remainder of the season. The domestic title was a very tasty cherry on the top!